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A light wind lifts the sand of the desert and lays his waves, like silky gold fur is a wonderful Shih Tzu. The history of the kennel "saffron Sherhy" (Sаffron Sherhy) - "green wind" started in 2001 with the arrival of Epsylon Yue - Kaang – Kou (Klepa), born in the famous Italian kennel "Epsylon" Renata Maraolo. A year later epsylon He–Lo–Kou (Risha) came from there. Our pride – this our friends - a series of known European breeders – real stars in breed Shi – Tzu. Later the cattery was replenished with one more girl from Czech Republic Angelic Face Bohemia Acro (Angelic) and two smart males - Black Jack from Audrey's Paradise (Jack) from Belgium and Kink for Acro Di Casa Corsini (kinki) from Italy.


Two years later saw the light of our first litter, which determined the main breed direction of the kennel. Binding of clay and a young Kangaroo Bohemia Acro (Cacik) gave the world a Shih Tzu three outstanding dogs Amaridzh, anais-anais and Armani. All of them were successful and became Champions. They started the victory March of the graduates "saffron Sherhy" around the world. After triumphal victories of anais-anais (Anfisa) - the Young Champion of Europe and the champion Of Europe, our Shih Tzu constantly confirmed the high class, annually replenishing a Treasury of kennel with titles of Champions of the World, Europe, different countries, including – victories at specialized monobreed exhibitions under examination of leading experts. The story of our wonderful Shih Tzu continues, but like everything in this world, the kennel also sometimes changes. 


 In 2011 we got the first Pekingese from the legendary English kennel "Livanda" -Livanda Capriani. We did not want to change traditions, continuing the glorious history of victories, now in a new breed for us. Capriani lived up to our expectations, receiving the title of Junior world Champion. When you say " A," decent people say "B." So we had three more Pekingese from the top kennel of England: Livanda Armani, Livanda Miss Davina, Greyport Theodor of livandai And we started breeding Pekingese with the prefix "saffron Sherhi". 


The first litter: Saffron Sherhy Agafia - Junior champion of Russia and Latvia, SSAmelie - Junior champion of Russia , SSA.Lucien at Suncity - champion of Canada, confirmed our belief that in order to win, you need a really good dog. You can't skimp on manufacturers if you want to win shows.


At first glance it may seem that we have a large kennel with many dogs, but it is not. Only the main producers are concentrated in our home kennel. We do not aim to saturate the market with puppies, so litters are not often, but every puppy is grown, socialized and arranged as well as possible. This is the reason for the success of most of our graduates on the largest shows in the world.