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If you have never held a Pekingese, you are a happy person, because you still have interesting discoveries and amazing adventures. In my opinion, this is only possible with the breed has a long history of countries with a strong tradition and a unique philosophy that makes us think seriously about the meaning of life. And this will help you Pekingese, because it is more than just a dog. 


Calling a Pekingese friend would be too easy. It is part of the soul and the Keeper of the hearth. It is the person and the master silently answering all your questions.  In our hectic time, it gives the owner peace and confidence. Pekingese gives us a sense of unaccountable reliability in the future, even when the whole world is rushing to tar Tarara. How he does it remains a mystery. 


Pekingese love can't be bought. It must be earned. The Pekingese is incorruptible as a devoted bodyguard and majestic as mount Everest.  He can talk in silence. He is full of dignity and at the same time good-natured and sociable. There are many stories about Pekingese, but none of them will be 100 % true. In order to know a Pekingese, you need to share a roof with him, talk heart to heart and make him smile. If you succeed - you are truly a great owner!