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Thoroughbred Pekingese, and even more so, the champion, it is impossible to grow in the "field" conditions. And it's not about pampering or health. Pekingese requires the attention and love of the owner to reach their full potential. 


Pekingese is a strong and genetically stable breed, so the owner needs to follow a number of standard procedures and always follow the advice of the breeder. 


- puppies and adults Pekingese kennel undergo regular veterinary check - UPS mandatory anti-parasite treatment and vaccinations

- special attention should be paid to the eyes, nose folds, ears and anus, as due to the peculiarities of the structure and long hair can cause problems

- the diet of the Pekingese should be complete, and the owner must monitor the dog's chair

- grooming is a constant care of coat, regardless of its condition, time of year, exhibition season.


Our Pekingese are sociable, active and hardy dogs, raised in a home kennel and surrounded by care and love. Their successful exhibition career does not involve mental disorders or behavioral problems, which is confirmed by numerous victories in the show of different ranks. 


We do not wishful thinking. We are open for communication and happy to share information and experience. By purchasing a Pekingese at saffron Coat, a person receives a Pekingese from the best English line manufacturers with a guarantee of success, exceptional quality and health.



Our home kennel guarantees the quality of dogs of its own breeding and ensures their exhibition career. We value our work, experience, connections and opportunities to achieve the best possible result in breeding Pekingese. Each of our puppy – a piece of work on which worked more than one generation of the best breeders in England. Saffron Sherhi is the successor of the traditions of classical breeding of the best Pekingese in the world. Therefore, we offer all our owners also to become guarantors, providing proper care, maintenance and care of our pupils.  To do this, we conclude a contract of sale with each owner. This gives us some confidence that buying a puppy from us the owner takes responsibility for it and will be able to provide the puppy with the necessary conditions, care and love.
The latter is the most important for us!